White House Christmas 2020

Picture of me at WH, featured on the Flotus account!

I’ll dive right in.

This was my 6th year decorating the White House for Christmas and it was my best and biggest as far as my growth as a creator. Even after last years almost 1,000 paper flowers made for the Blue Room tree it couldn’t exceed what I learned to make and how much it harkened back to my childhood.

These were almost all the ornaments sent. Missing are the flags, which my sister Reisha was making in Florida and the last minute “requested” Secret Service ornament.

I was asked by the First Lady and her team to create ornaments than pay tribute to the essential workers and first responders. It was an obvious choice because of the year we’ve had and one that I was prepared to take very seriously. It hasn’t been until later in my life did I realize that my gift to create is my gift of service. In this instance, I knew if someone visiting the White House sees their profession realized on the Red Room tree that they will experience some sort of joy and happiness even if for a moment. That the Peoples House acknowledges their efforts and sacrifices.

Each ornament was made with felt and sequins. I used the Canva program to create and find images, created a template and started layering, cutting and hours and hours of sequining. I’ve done this type of Bucilla craft growing up but there were no existing kits for our theme, so I made everything from scratch.

The houses were a last minute addition believe or not! Houses were something I had never attempted but honestly you don’t tell the White House or my boss “No” or ” I can’t”! Two weeks before ship date I started these precious houses using felt, cardboard and LOTS of sequins. I knew all along they needed to be lit from the inside and that I’d make a red barn, hospital, firehouse, grocery store, fast food restaurant and post office. ALL essential to our lives during the pandemic of 2020!

These were sleeves that I created using the same technique. This was the first time in White History that the famous fresh cranberry trees would have this kind of fun treatment.
One of my favorite ornaments was a grocery bag with small loaves of bread and eggs!
This was my idea of a care giver, nestling sweet kids in her arms. This was a visitor favorite!
The Secret Service ornament was a later request. Funny thing happened, one day these really big fellas dressed in suits were at the tree and looking at this ornament. Turns out they were the agents for President Pence who at the time was at the WH. Very proud moment that I met their approval and had requests to make more…and I did!
The teacher was my very first one. After this I knew I was up for the challenge!

Well, another craft, another year and I felt like I did the White House and First Lady proud. I get asked all the time what happens to all the decorations? I am very proud to say that mine from this year, along with my other crafts created for the White House will be archived and used at the Presidential library. That means I’ll forever be part of history forever!

God Bless America!

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