The Land I Love…

Celebrating being an American is easy, how can it not be? We live with so many freedoms and I for one want to celebrate those every chance I can. I heard something one time that resonated with me, and it’s something I think about almost every day. It is that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, those people that came before us and helped create the foundation for our liberties and basically our way of life that we live today. I think Pomp and Parade does just that! Let us remember those sacrifices, let us celebrate and enjoy those freedoms. I hope you enjoy this Red, White and Blue Declaration through decoration!

Ok, easy start, a white tablecloth, flag banner, and red, white and blue round pendants all purchased from Walmart. Use straight pins to attach from underneath the cloth…its a southern designer trick which leaves no trace and you won’t have to use those awful plastic attachments.

Red gladiolas are a prefect floral when you’re looking for height, longevity and most of all, the perfect RED!

*Note, pinch the very tops of your glads off. You’ll see more color come to the top and less brown when they start to wilt.

Layers! Use cake pedestals laced with ribbon, and large trays with footed glass containers so that you can see the fun going on! I personally have a ton of glass which I love to use for food, drinks, candles…It’s so pleasing to see a food table that has elevations to it!

One of my favorite projects to make for an outdoor event is the ribbon chandeliers. They are very inexpensive and make a BIG impact! I made three for this party because my tree is so massive that I knew just one wouldn’t do!

Ribbon Chandelier DIY here.

Happy July 4th! I hope I’ve inspired you to celebrate and create!

XOXO, Amanda “Mandy” Barkley

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