It’s a very Bunny Day… for crafting that is!

Fringed crepe paper, dipped in german glitter!

I wasn’t going to buy a bunny this year! NOT a single one! But how could I resist the cute wood bunny silhouette (with stand) that was under $10 at Michaels? He needed me! So, I took him home, fringed crepe paper in shades of orange, dipped the crepe tips with my favorite german glitter, added a bow with a paper flower and all of a sudden, like bunnies do, I had another one!

This is Bunny after I painted him orange using my favorite paint by Handmade Modern.
I use Italian crepe paper from Cartefini however you can use any crepe streamer from a party good supply, you just may be limited in color.

No bunny is complete without carrots and flowers. It also provided the perfect opportunity to use a very special yellow linen cloth from Pandora Balthazar. I knew my color palette for this table was shades of orange and yellow. But one couldn’t overpower the other and the yellow cloth was the perfect shade.

Pandoras pieces are not sold online but please email me if you are interested in this yellow linen!

Vintage yellow linen cloth from Pandora Balthazar. The crochet border is large and the crochet rectangle pattern repeats on top of the cloth. A very special piece for sure!

Napkins are Pandora Balthazar, leaf placemat is from Michaels and the shred is from scraps of crepe paper I keep for reasons just like this!

I love to incorporate fresh produce in Easter decor like the carrots shown here as well as cabbage, radish and anything that reminds me of a country farm during spring.
The mechanics behind it are easy when you use florist wire and green picks to secure and insert into wet floral foam. Same with the nest, I hot glued a green pic to the bottom of the nest for easy insertion into the foam.
All these mentioned supplies can be found in my amazon storefront.

My Easter wish is that everyone finds that element, or thing, that will inspire an entire Easter tablescape. For me, it was this silly craft bunny and I’d say he was a good investment.

Happy Easter!

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