Freshly Picked

Texas is HOT and it’s almost impossible to find anything growing outside that doesn’t resemble a weed or that isn’t yellow! My challenge was to use only things I could pick or cut down for flowers and style a summer table using kraft paper, my large jars and cobalt blue glassware that I’ve collected for many years. Turns out you CAN dine outside in Texas, perhaps under a tree and with freshly picked Texas wildflowers. I hope this look inspires you to celebrate summer!


First, I placed my white rectangle cloth down and then added a kraft colored paper roll (2 1/2 feet wide) down the table. After cutting the desired length, be sure and pin the paper to the white cloth, at both ends so it won’t budge.

Pier one has created an everyday white porcelain plate that I used to match with my white cloth. The napkins are 100% cotton and from Pottery Barn. They sell a newer cotton napkin that I’m obsessed with, but didn’t have enough to use for this shoot! They have a slub (a slight imperfection in the fiber) to them for a very casual feel. Click words for links!

I freshly picked some rosemary from the yard and tied with cotton strand for the fragrance.

I love flowers! Any chance to use whats growing in my own yard I’ll cut first! Texas sunflowers, orange marigolds, black-eyed Susans and some lacey wild yarrow grow wild went perfectly with the kraft color and cobalt blue!

Last but not least, build on the theme by writing directly on the kraft paper. I do NOT have great drawing or writing skills so I limited myself to names only! But, you could always write summer quotes like “I was made for sunny days” or simply “HELLO SUMMER”

Thank you for letting me share my first blog post! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about the products used or anything in general about design! I love to chat! Until then, Happy Summer and enjoy things freshly picked!


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