A paper peony for your thoughts?

Earlier this year during the ALT Summit, a conference for women influencers and bloggers, I took a crepe paper flower class taught by Rebecca Thuss and her gal pal Sarah. Rebecca is the author of Petal to Paper and has a resume that includes years of styling and designing for Martha Stewart. She is a delightful person and an excellent teacher. I was hooked and knew this would be my new crafting addiction.

It was probably ‘faux pas’ to use glitter stamens in the world of paper flowers but honestly, I couldn’t help myself. I wanted my crepe babies to have a sense of humor. Nor was I completely married to the idea that each flower must represent an existing flower. Maybe the flowers of my dreams all have glitter and are a little quirky? I found the best German glitter at Rose Mille along with fabulous vintage stamens and ribbons.

My other addiction is wrapping paper. Not your normal paper, but the kind that could stand as art by itself. The kind that has me reeling with ideas. However, with Mothers Day around the corner, I used it for its true purpose and wrapped a gift or two, or three!

**Always add extras like vintage black and white ribbon from Rose Mille, died burlap from Michaels and festooning purchased from Etsy.

TIP: I never use tape on packages, only dabs of hot glue. Be-leaf it or not!

Wrapping paper and Matches jar from Feliz Modern

Strawberry cake from HEB. BEST EVER!


Italian Crepe Paper can be found at Cartefini and Rose Mille. I personally love the doublette colors at Rose Mille and their vintage ribbon and stamens. I’m still learning about paper weight and which is best. So far I like 180 gram and 140 gram which can be found on Cartefini. Be sure and purchase green options for foliage!

Other supplies like the spun cotton and German glitter I’ve found at Smile Mercantile. They sell the spun cotton balls I use for centers.

Rebecca Thuss and book including templates!

At any age, I believe it is possible to learn a new craft. Something that inspires creativity and thought. Something that encourages your soul to dream and create. Crepe paper and making flowers does that for me and that is why I wanted to share this post. Happy Creating and Crafting!

Thank you!

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